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18 October 2021

Details of Deodorizer

Much like Scotchguard, many people don’t know the benefits or the differences between different kinds of deodorizers. First, the basics. A deodorizer is used to get rid of an offensive odor. A malodor deodorizer is what would be used to counteract daily musty odors in your home. It is our “go to” product to counteract cooking and mild animal odors. It helps get rid of most bad smells and leaves your house smelling and looking good as new.

Another type of deodorizer is a sanitizer deodorizer. You could probably guess that this deodorizer is used to sanitize the area as well. It disinfects and gets rid of bacteria.

For more extensive animal odors we offer an enzyme deodorizer designed to break down the organic cause of these offensive odors. These enzymes act as a catalyst in the neutralization and even removal of organic material resulting in a cleaner, fresher environment. All three of these deodorizers are used separately for specific purposes and are part of a responsible home maintenance service.

All of these deodorizers are additional services usually priced separately on top of your cleaning bill. However, Roth currently has a sale you might be interested in. It is called ‘The Works,’ and it is your classic 2 step, three room carpet cleaning but includes Scotchguard, and deodorizer for only $149.99! If you are interested in any of these, you can give us a call at 412-244-9290, and Justin would be more than happy to speak with you.