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07 August 2021

One and Done

With Roth 2U, we strive to bring you easier, and more efficient ways to get your dream carpet installed in your home. With our brand new One and Done, you call us once, get your price quote, have a quick visit to your home, and soon are able to install your desired carpet!

Let’s start from the beginning.

First, you measure both the length and width of the rooms you want your brand new carpet installed in.

Second, you give us a call! You provide us with your measurements, and we are able to give you a price on the phone of how much your carpet should cost. During this call, we will plan an in home consultation to access the area, and to properly plan how to install said carpeting.

Third, after your home consultation, we will be able to order the proper carpet you needed, and install as soon as possible!

One and done is a much easier and faster available way for you to get new carpeting installed. You get an idea of a price faster, as well as making everything run a little bit smoother for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in getting your carpets installed with Roth, start at our first step! Measure out your carpets, and give us a call at 412-244-9290. You’ll speak to one of our customer service representatives, who will happily do the math for you, and give you an estimate. We are looking forward to speaking with you!