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30 April 2021

May Mildew

Everyone knows that you can trust your nose when seeking out those new mildew smells every spring. Everything heats up, and the humidity rises, and our noses pick out that terrible smell, and we have to deep clean everything to get it out- but even then, it sometimes still lingers.

Your carpets and upholstery, as a soft and absorbent material, are very likely to be heavily affected by the mildew growth in your home. They could hold much of the smell and bacteria, and keeping them clean is incredibly important. As the mold gets into your system, it can make you and your family very sick, and sickness is the last thing we want for your safety and comfort. At Roth, we can use an anti microbial when cleaning the fine fabrics in your home to help kill the mildew that still remains in your carpet. With this, your worries and problems will be washed away with the mildew.

If you are interested in looking out for your and your family’s safety, Roth Carpet Cleaning is more than happy to help. We can help you keep with our current monthly sale, which is cleaning two rooms and a sofa for $99.90. If you’re ready to schedule, you can give us a call at 412-244-9290 to speak to one of our customer service representatives who will be able to put you on our official schedule. We are very much looking forward to speaking with you!