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18 October 2021

The Science of Scotchguard

Scotchgard is a very common chemical used by cleaning companies. It’s an incredibly helpful thing that most people don’t actually know the benefits of. At its core, Scotchgard is here to help stop spills from becoming permanent stains. It can last up to three years, and it’s unnoticeable. You can use it on carpet or upholstery and be a little bit calmer when drinking your morning coffee in your freshly cleaned living room.

As it gets into the colder months of the year, we want to help our customers be as cleanly as possible to be able to enjoy our fall and winter holidays to the fullest! Scotchgard is just one of the many services that Roth offers when cleaning your home. Our usual price for additional Scotchgard is $25.00 Per area. That means in your home, your hallway, bedroom, and living room would be $75 for our extra Scotchgard protection. We also offer a guarantee against permanent stains for a full year!

However, we are currently running an ad that we are calling ‘The Works’. With the works, you get our basic three room cleaning, Scotchguard, and deodorizer, all for only $149.90! If you are interested in this special, you can call us at our office, Monday through Friday. Our number is 412-244-9290, and Justin, our customer service representative, would be happy to speak with you!