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26 April 2021

Love your Carpets

If you happen to have guests over this Valentine’s Day, cleaning your carpets just tends to make it a room look just a little bit more put together. Have you ever vacuumed one of the rooms in your home, and can just clearly see the transformation happen before your eyes? Cleaning your carpets get a lot more of a dramatic response that just a simple vacuum. With all of your decorations (Roses, Hearts, you name it), or simply your newly tidy rooms in your house, clean carpets can always make everything look just that much more put together. When you open your door for your love this holiday, you’ll be just a little bit more thankful that your carpets are extra clean and extra impressive for them. It’s like cherry on top of the cake- or maybe it’s the chocolate on the strawberry.

For whatever reason you might need our help this season, Roth Carpet Cleaning is here to help you. Our monthly sale currently is our February special, [Insert price and information here]. If you’re interested in scheduling, you can give us a call at 412-244-9290 to speak to one of our customer service representatives who will be able to put you on our official schedule. We look forward to speaking with you!