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26 April 2021

Save Your Spring Cleaning

As the temperatures get warmer, and spring comes into your home, there can be some concern about the state of your carpet. Whether it be for a cleanliness concern for a fun family gathering, or maybe just wanting a fresh start for your home before the summer, cleaning your carpet is always a good start. As it gets warmer, we open our windows and let in the warmer spring air, and also a whole new ecosystem into our home. After being cooped up during the long cold winter, there can be dirt and allergens built up in your carpet. Maybe pulling all the leftover bacteria is the perfect first move for your brand new spring cleaning.

If you are interested in some amazing deals for your spring cleaning, Roth Carpet Cleaning has got your back. Our current sale is our April whole house cleaning special. We can clean up to seven areas in your home for as low as $199.90. Interested in scheduling, you can give one of our customer service representatives a call at 412-244-9290. They will be of able to officially put you in our schedule. We look forward to speaking with you!